Arm Exercises for Women That Can Be Performed Without Any Equipment

arm exercises for women

Don’t you want to get toned arms? It is possible even without hitting the gym. There are easy and simple arm exercises for women that can render wonders. Give a try today.

It goes beyond saying that we all desire for well toned and beautiful arms and flaunt it to others. In order to achieve it you don’t have to always shed your sweat and your money in the gymnasiums lifting weights. The good news is that your dream toned arm can be achieved even without touching weights for a single time. There are several such arm workouts for women available.

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Easy and simple arm toning exercises

arm exercises for women

Sounds surprising, isn’t it? There are ways and methods by which you can completely tone up your arms without the need of any weights. There are certain DIY workout routines and sessions that can be done at home and you can gain access to the sculpted arms of your dreams. This means that you save money on gym membership.

Let us have a look at them one by one.

Floor dips

arm exercises for women

Carrying out floor dips is pretty easy and simple. It can be carried out with the help of a chair. In fact, the workout routine can also be done while you are sitting on the floor and your knees are bent and your fingers and feet are facing forward. This appears as if you are about to execute crab walk. This is one routine that seems to have a very positive impact on your triceps and within days of practicing you can flaunt your toned arms.

Wall Push-ups

arm exercises for women

The normal push-ups that are considered so popular across the globe are the not easiest and simplest exercise to execute. But when you include the wall push-ups in your exercise routines, you get the option to adjust the difficulty levels and make it easier and more convenient than the usual push-ups. The wall push-ups is found to be one of the most effective arm workouts for women.

X Jumps

arm exercises for women

This is an amazing cardio exercise that not only includes your arms    but simultaneously your legs and abs and helps to strengthen the muscles. When you perform the X Jumps it appears as if you are a cheerleader. This is an immensely effective arm toning and body strengthening workout routine that must be practiced by every individual.

Half circle arm rotations

If you have been regular in doing the arm rotations or the circles in your gym, you have been actually working on building a strong and balanced upper body strength. But when you execute it repeatedly the quality of circles goes down and the impact also gets lowered. When you carry out the half circle rotations they are said to be more effective and helpful in getting your arms toned.

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Weight free rowing

Perhaps there is nothing better than rowing if you intend to tone your arms and make them beautiful. Weight free rowing can help you to fulfill your desires as well. It is usually done with a dumbbell, but weightless rowing can be done as well with your tight fists.
The above mentioned are the five best ways that can help you to get the tone arms of your dreams and you can flaunt them to your friends and family members. Why don’t you give a try and find yourself, whether the above mentioned five ways of weightless routines are effective in offering toned arms or not. In order to the desired or the optimal fitness level you don’t always need to hit the gym or the local club and invest money. It can be done at home as well with the aid of the arm exercises for women.


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