Bicep exercises for women

Bicep exercises for women

Best Bicep exercises for women


If you are planning to wear a sleeveless dress then make sure your arms are well toned so that you look beautiful and attractive. On the other hand, unattractive and flabby arms can just spoil the overall looks. Your arms, especially biceps and triceps, will look bigger and may also make you look broader. This kind of scenario is least desirable. In fact, if your arms are well toned then you will look fab in sleeveless as well as dresses with sleeves. If you work on your biceps then you can easily get well-toned arms. The bicep exercises that we are going to list here are some of the best bicep exercises for women. Some women think that bicep exercises are only meant for men. This is a totally wrong assumption as these kinds of exercises are meant for men as well as women. If you think that biceps exercises will make you look masculine, then also it’s a wrong assumption. Let’s take a look at some of the best bicep exercises for women.

Bicep exercises for women

Bicep curls

A biceps curl is quite a basic exercise when we are talking about bicep exercises for women. Everyone who is health freak must have done bicep curls at some point of time in the lifetime. It’s actually quite simple to do and that’s why it’s so much famous. If you are looking for toning up your arms then bicep curls are best for you. Bicep curls work on brachialis, brachi and brachioradialis muscles. It’s best if you do this exercise with 5-pound dumbbells although if you want to do it with more or less, then it’s your stamina. Follow the below-mentioned steps to do bicep curls.


Your feet’s should be hip-width apart when you are doing bicep curls. Your spine should be straight. Now you need to pick up the dumbbells and make sure your elbows are close to the body. Your palms should be facing forward so that you can grasp the dumbbells well. Without moving your upper arms, move the dumbbells from lowermost position to uppermost i.e. near your shoulders. Now move back to initial position and keep doing it repeatedly.


Hammer curls

Hammer curls are as good as bicep curls and in fact, you can do them as often as required. They are actually a variation of bicep curls only, a little innovation though. The name is derived from the way the dumbbells are grasped while doing this exercise. The dumbbells are grasped like a hammer, hence its name. Hammer curls work on brachialis and brachii muscles though they are equally good for your complete upper arms workout. You need to follow these steps to do hammer curls.


Just like the bicep curls, you need to stand upright and your feet should hip length apart. Pick up the dumbbells and keep your upper arms close to your body with your palms facing your body. Move the dumbbells towards your shoulders while keeping your upper arm still. Then on, come back to the initial starting position and repeat it.


Supinated bicep curls

A supinated bicep curl is a marvelous exercise for biceps. The three muscles of biceps i.e. brachialis, brachi, and brachioradialis get a good boost from this exercise. Although it’s a bit typical to do this exercise once you learn it, you can feel the difference this particular exercise can make to your upper forearms and biceps in particular. Follow the steps as enlisted below.


There is a bit of difference between this exercise and other exercises listed above. Here you have to stand shoulder width apart unlike other exercises where you have to stand hip-width apart. Now with the dumbbells in both the hands and your palms facing your body, move the dumbbells up, towards shoulders. While you move the dumbbells towards the shoulders, rotate your wrist so that your palms face the ceiling. Once you reach the shoulders, come back to the initial starting position, carefully rotating the wrists so that your palms face the body. Repeat it several times to get the best results.


Standing Bicep Curls

Standing biceps curls is one of the best bicep exercises for women. If you are looking for well-defined biceps then this exercise is quite fruitful. The major drawback with this exercise is that it works only bicep brachialis muscle. In case you are looking to work on bicep brachialis then this is the exercise just meant for you. But if in case you are looking to work on other upper arm muscles as well then you should go for another suitable set of exercises. Here’s how you should do standing concentration bicep curls.


While doing standing concentration bicep curls you need to stand shoulder width apart. Bend a little so that your elbow is at the same level as your knees. Hold a dumbbell and move it towards your chest. Bring it down slowly and repeat this action to get the desired results.

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