Castor oil for hair loss

Castor oil for hair loss

The effective ways how to use castor oil for hair loss

Most of the people are suffering from lots of problems among which hair loss is one of the serious issues. If you are one who is suffering from hair loss and do not know how to do then there is a magic trick to stop hair fall. The castor oil for hair loss is one of the excellent remedies that will help in reducing hair loss and promoting hair growth. The castor oil is considered as one of the biggest advantages that help in strengthening the hair roots and promotes growth. Even if you are having thin hair you can make use of castor oil and you will find the perfect result in no time. The oil is rich in many Essentials including vitamin E, omega-9, and 6 fatty acids, and proteins all these are blended together to give you strong hair.

Benefits of castor oil

It is true that there are many benefits of using castor oil for your hair. Most of the people do not know that there are the best promoters helping in increasing the hair growth. It constitutes of ricinoleic acid which is the best booster for promoting hair growth. In addition to that it also blocks/ inhibits PGD2, does appear to lend some evidence to its effects. Moreover one of the essential headed ingredients is omega fatty acid that also acts as Shield reducing hair problems. The following will help you to understand why you should use castor oil for hair loss and how it will benefit you.

  • If you simply massage castor oil on the scalp it will help in reducing dry scalp and also treat in eliminating dandruff.
  • It also has the capacity to treat scalp infection and also eliminates hair problems such as itchy scalp and baldness.
  • Prostaglandin E2 is one of the essential elements that will help in increasing the hair growth where you can find this in castor oil.
  • The oil also acts as antibacterial, antifungal and anti-inflammatory.
  • As the castor oil is rich in many Essentials it will also help in repairing damaged hair and split ends.
  • The oil gets penetrated into the scalp where it nourishes and keeps your hair silky and smooth.
  • The ricinoleic acid present in the castor oil helps in improving the blood circulation and will also help to be a promoter of hair growth.
  • Moreover, it also helps in maintaining smooth hair and also eliminate hair loss.

Castor oil for hair loss

The different type of castor oil

In fact, there is a different type of castor oil available in the market. You cannot simply purchase any type of oil as this will damage your hair and causes hair loss. In order to guide you and help you to know how to choose the best castor oil here are some different types available among which you can choose the best one.

  • Hydrogenated Castor Oil

Has it name specified it is made by hydrogenating and this is one of the purest forms of castor oil. So when you are preparing castor oil for hair loss this could be one of the perfect choices. It is not an ordinary castor oil but is added with essential nutrients that will help in giving you bounce look and promotes in increasing the hair growth.

  • Organic/Cold Pressed Castor Oil

Well, this is another type of castor oil which is directly extracted from the castor seeds itself. This is one of the best oil that is produced through organic farms. As it is cold pressed castor oil there is no degradation of any nutrients and you will benefit a lot from this oil. This is basically available in two different colours, of course, the color doesn’t matter but you have to take the purest organic castor oil only.

  • Jamaican Black Castor Oil

Here comes another brand of castor oil which is initially roasted and then pressured in order to extract oil. So you can also prefer this one as this is too good in making your face look darker. This oil is rich in essentials as that will also help in creating hair and scalp problems.

How to use castor oil?

If you are wondering how to use castor oil so as to promote hair growth then follow the below-mentioned ways. There are different techniques that will help how you can apply castor oil for each of it.Depending upon your requirement you can follow any of the methods.

  • Mixing castor oil:

You can simply mix the castor oil with other oils like coconut, almond, or any other. You can simply mix any of the oils in equal proportions and make it ready to apply directly on the scalp. This is one of the best-mixed castor oil for hair loss. You have to regularly apply this oil so as to see instant results.

  • Warm castor oil:

By using double boiler method you can also warm up to the castor oil and directly apply it to this scalp. In this process also you can add two or three varieties of oils or you can even directly use castor oil. This is one of the best technique that will really help you to get back your lost hair.

  • Split ends:

If you have split ends then you can take a spoonful of oil in your palm and apply it on the split ends. Do this regularly as this will give you instant results. In addition to that if you simply apply castor oil all over your hair this will act as a conditioner and will also improve the growth of your and condition of the hair.


If you can follow the effective ways then it is very easy for you to get rid of hair loss. So follow the different techniques and knowledge about the different types castor oil for hair loss. Therefore it becomes very easy for you to have long and healthy hair. You have to follow all these things on a regular basis only then you will find a difference in the hair growth and its condition.


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