Easy Method How to Apply Eyeliner for Beginners

How to Apply Eyeliner

Every woman would like to look beautiful and makeup ads extra beauty for them. If you do not know how to apply eyeliner, this article will be very much helpful that really enhances your beauty with easy eyeliner application.

There are also some tips that you have to follow so that it will be easy for you to highlight your eyes with eyeliner. How many of you want to create perfect lined eyes so get ready to know how you can easily do effects that create wonderful outputs. First, you have to know easy tips that will help you to work on eyeliner without smudging. Before getting started let us first to know the things that you require.

  • Waterproof eyeliner
  • Primer
  • A concealer

So it is time to start knowing about different types of eyeliners.

Gel Eyeliner


Gel EyelinerThis is one of the most commonly used eyeliner and is the gel based product. It really gives a causal effect if you can start using gel eyeliners with some added concealer with it. There are many brands and you can simply choose the best one you like.

Liquid eyeliner

Liquid Eyeliner

If you are a beginner then you should probably start to be the liquid eyeliner because it is easy to correct. This will make you know how to apply eyeliner for precise application. Liquid eyeliner are available in two different packages one with brush and the other one will be available as a marker type.

Pencil eyeliner

Pencil Eyeliner

At present pencil eyeliner has become one of the most widely used eyeliners. These types are often available with the glitters so you can probably take a pencil eyeliner with different shapes to create a smokey look.


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How to Apply Eyeliner Perfectly

While applying eyeliner perfection is what one of the essential thing. If you miss perfection then it will completely look weird. Is the step by step process that will explain how you can easily apply eyeliner.

Prepare your eyes:

This is the first and the primary stage where you should make your eyes ready to apply eyeliner. Even though it looks overwhelmed but still you have to follow this method otherwise you will not get the desired look. Impact this is something like getting ready to give it a grand look. First, you have to clean your face and then apply moisturizer all over the face and especially under your eyes. Applying an ice cream can also be an ideal way which will help you to detail the liner effect.

Start with a clean base:

You have to apply a clean base for this, you have to take a primer and apply it around the eyes. You should completely cover your eyelids, under your eyes and all around the eyes. Choosing the primer should be perfect otherwise it will affect your eyes. Then it becomes very easy to understand how you can easily apply eyeliner as the primary will act as a base. This will create a smooth effect all around the eyes and makes the eyeliner to stay for a long time. Then you have to apply concealer on the top of the eyelids as well as under the eyes. Make sure that it is completely blended and then apply some powder on the top of it.

Just give a line:

Finally, you have reached the main stage where you should start highlighting your eyes with eyeliner. For doing this you can simply use a brush or any type of eyeliner as mentioned above. Firstly you have to start by drawing the line about the lashes. At first, you have to draw small strokes after that you have to work on it to make it as much darker as you would like to do.

This is, in fact, one of the excellent tips that really works out well and who gives long lasting effect. You are using a fresh make a note that it should not be too broad. Just a single stroke is enough so make it small if needed you can go twice or thrice. Work on it so that you will get the desired line.

Wing it out:

Till now you have simply applied you came to know how to apply eyeliner and it is now time to know how you can create the wing. This wing effect is going trendy so why not you have a try? For this you have to keep concentrated otherwise it will disturb the overall eyeliner that you have already applied. You have to simply find the correct angle so that you will get a natural line. If you start extending a line from your lower Lash limiting it wherever you want at the out of the eye. Do the same with the upper left so that both the endpoints get connected. Now you have successfully created wing after that you have to fill it completely. As it is your first time keep concentrating on it.

The final look:

Once you are a successfully done with it then you are done with applying eyeliner successfully. If you want you can also additionally applied some mascara and that’s it you are done.


  • If you are a beginner you have to take time to work on it as you may not achieve the desired shape for the very first time.
  • Whenever you are applying and eyeliner makes sure that you always prefer cosmetic mirror.
  • Always look down so that there are maximum chances to create exact same on both the sides.
  • You can also make use of tape so that you will get the exact shape if you do not know the angle for both the eyes.
  • Do not stretch your Pilots as this may not give you the exact shape.


So if you do not know how to apply eyeliner follow the above procedure along with that you will also know about the different eyeliners. This article will definitely help you to know how effective eyeliner can work for you if you can create new styles like wings. So have the fun ride and create trendy looks and look stylish and stay stylish.


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