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Know About the Best Amazing Exercises to Lose Belly Fat Very Quickly

Exercises to Lose Belly Fat

Exercise & Yoga

Know About the Best Amazing Exercises to Lose Belly Fat Very Quickly

Everyone would like to stay fit and healthy. Even though you deserve to be healthy and fit but most of the time losing belly fat will be a really big task for you. Doing some best exercises to lose belly fat can really help in working just like a magic.

Due to the change the lifestyle and the way in which you are living you might have put on weight than to make add extra weight especially around your waist. Undoubtedly belly fat is the toughest as well as difficult part to reduce it. If you can follow a diet and exercise simultaneously then there are maximum chances to eliminate fat, especially in the stomach areas. Some of the exercises are given here so you can follow them and see the results.

Twist Crunches or Crunches

Twist Crunches or Crunches

You can either do crunches or twist crunches as they really work effectively thereby eliminating fat from the stomach. In order to do this exercise you should,

  • First lay down on the floor and place your hands on the head.
  • Next bend your knees as much as you can so as to form a shape of crunch then simply place your feet on the floor.
  • By lifting your upper body you have to do crunches on both the sides by twisting from left to right and right to left.
  • You can do this exercise for about 10 repeated cycles.

Rolling Plank Exercise


Rolling Plank ExerciseThis is one of the simple and at the same time best exercise that really helps to lose belly fat. The exercise will effectively focus on the muscles around the stomach.

  • At first, you have to position yourself such that your knees and elbows should rest on the floor.
  • Align your neckline along with the spine so that you will be facing forward.
  • Start lifting the knees by taking help of your legs and balance on it.
  • Now simply contract your knees and keep taking the long breath.
  • You have to stay in the position for about 30 seconds.

Cardio Exercise

Cardio Exercise

You can simply start doing Cardio exercise if you don’t feel like doing heavy workouts. This is simply an excellent exercise that will help you to stay fit apart from that you can also lose your belly fat if you strictly follow the diet and do exercise regularly. Is Cardio exercise is well known to burn more calories which enables to reduce fat very effectively. In addition to that, you will also have many health benefits and it will maintain strong body and mind as well.


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Captain’s Chair

Captain's Chair

Captain’s Chair is considered as an best exercises to lose belly fat which is even more and easy exercise and the only thing that you need to have is to make use of the chair in your house.

  • First, sit on the chair make sure that your Spine and shoulders are straight.
  • Keep the hands aside by placing the palm on the side of the hip.
  • Take a deep breath and exhale out.
  • By doing this to have to simply bring your legs upward so that your knees are close to your body.
  • Maintain the position for 5 seconds and slowly get back to the original position.


If you are a person who cannot do any sort of exercises then you can simply prefer walking. It is not only an effective exercise for your belly fat but also improves the blood circulation and will boost up energy levels. You can spend 30 minutes per day to a lot for walking apart from that you have to take the nutritious diet that is balanced to be the time that you take to spend for walking. It even has the ability to increase the metabolism as well as your heart rate. Moreover, it has the facility to reduce the risk of injuries and is considered as one of the best exercises especially if you are a beginner.

Jogging or Running

Jogging or Running

You can either before jogging or running which depends upon your stamina. If you can simply prefer jogging that is more than enough. Slowly you can increase the speed and turn it into a habit of running. Among all jogging or running are considered as best exercises to lose belly fat and will also make you stay fit and healthy.



This is also considered as a cardio exercise that really works out well especially if you have stomach along with lower fat. The exercise keeps on working on the belly fat by burning calories. You should make sure that while cycling there are maximum chances to increase the heart rate so you have to go slowly. If you get habited with cycling then you can increase your speed which will fastly burn the calories.

Some other tips that will help in reducing belly fat

  • You should always eat healthy food that supports your body and you should completely avoid fat content. As this main accumulate waste fat in the body and you may feel even more difficult to reduce it.
  • Drink lots of water this will flush with the body toxins in the body. In addition to that while doing exercise if you can drink lots of water then it will boost up your immune system so that it will help you to do lots of workouts.
  • Avoid sugar as much as possible. Instead of sugar, you can take additional substitute of if you are strictly following the diet then say no to sugar. There are some alternatives that will even help you to replace it.
  • Start taking fat burning food that will help you to get flat stomach easily. If you are doing exercise along with intake of fat burning food then the results will be very quickly focused on the areas like the stomach.


So here are some exercises given so that they will help you to work out easily. The best exercises to lose belly fat can be added to your daily routine so that it becomes easy for you to get adopted to those exercises. Even though at first you may feel difficult but later on once you get used to it then it becomes very easy to work out on it. Finally, you will get into the desired shape of the flat stomach.


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