The Medicine Ball Exercises Are Very Popular Among the Fitness Freaks

medicine ball exercises for women

    The medicine Ball Workouts Are Very Popular in the Fitness World

medicine ball exercises

The medicine ball has become a huge craze in the fitness industry. There are several medicine ball exercises that can do wonders. Have you tried any of them? Try them and you will benefit.
The medicine ball is considered as a very simple fitness equipment. The ball has the capacity to make any exercise or workout routine versatile. In case, you still don’t possess a medicine ball, you must get hold of one. They are cheap and can be easily stored at home as well. There are several benefits of medicine ball exercises and hence the popularity of the equipment in the recent years.
The medicine ball helps you to combine the cardiovascular and resistance routine and help in the overall workout of the body. Moreover, the ball gives a challenge to your core stability and bring in the improvement of your body balance and coordination, lose fat and enjoy a sculpted and tighter ab within a few days.

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Let us have a look at some of the exercises or workout routines that can be done with the help of a medicine ball right at your home.
Medicine ball slams: Medicine ball exercises for beginners

medicine ball exercises

If you are engaged in the medicine ball slams, it is for sure that you will lose fat at a rapid phase. It helps to burn fat from your arms and shoulder region and the midsection as well. In fact, the ball also helps you to release your stress level and frustration. In order to execute the medicine ball slams, you have to stand with your feet apart about hip-width. Now, you need to pick up the ball, lift it over your head and hit the ground as hard as you can.

Medicine ball twists

medicine ball exercises

If you are looking for an exercise routine that helps you to strengthen and sculpt your obliques, medicine ball twists are the perfect option. In order to perform the medicine ball twists, you need to sit down and hold the ball in your hands, while lifting the feet and then twisting your torso in any of the directions and allowing the medicine ball to touch the ground. You need to keep twisting left and right quickly and ensure to keep the core tight. This is one of the popular medicine ball exercises that are practiced by women and men alike.

Squat thrusts

medicine ball exercises for women

Squat thrust is yet another full body exercise routine that can be performed with a medicine ball. The squat thrusts are similar to wall balls. You have to stand with hip-width feet apart and hold the ball to your chest and do the full squat position. As you extend your arms over your chest area, stand up quickly and bring the ball back to your chest and repeat the movement. It is recommended not to stop or pause and make the motion in a seamless manner.

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Sit up wall slams

medicine ball exercises

If you want to work on your arms and shoulders apart from your core section, the sit-up wall slams with the medicine ball is an excellent option you have. Are you aware of the procedure of the exercise routine? You have to analyze and maintain the distance from the wall based on the ball’s weight and the way it will bounce back. You need to make the adjustments. While lying down, you have to keep the ball on your chest. You have to perform a sit up when you are about to come up and throw the medicine ball against the wall instantly. You have to catch the ball and begin the initial position and repeat the process as many times as you wish.
The above mentioned are some of the medicine ball exercises that offers a total body workout and helps to strengthen your arms, shoulder, and core. Have you tried out the workout routine with the ball?

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