shoulder workouts for women

shoulder workouts for women

Shoulder workouts for women


Attractive shoulders give the looks that a girl can just dream of and in case you don’t possess them then here you will find workout techniques. Shoulder workouts for women shouldn’t be taken lightly as it has the capacity as well as capability to do magic in your overall looks. If you are looking forward to wear that black dress in which you look gorgeous then go for the workouts that we are listing here. The exercises that we are listing here are bound to add size, strength and shape to your shoulders in very small duration of time. So go ahead and read this write-up to get benefitted

shoulder workouts for women

Dumbbell press seated

This is one of the best shoulder workouts for women.  Basically what you need to do in this kind of women shoulder workout is that you start by sitting straight, with spine erect and vertical. Now choose your weight and hold it into each arm. Lift the weights upwards, with palm facing forward and stay in the top position for a while and then gradually come down. You need to make sure that when you lift the weight upwards and reach the top position then at that moment of time, you shouldn’t lock your elbow joints completely. So, this exercise, as you can see is very simple to do but its results are extraordinary. Keep doing it for as long as you can to get the maximum benefits.


Lift dumbbell from front

This shoulder workout for women has its own set of advantages, which are all the more important. How to do this set of exercise? Well, it’s simple and pretty straight forward, although you may require a little bit of patience and stamina. You need to stand up and keep dumbbells in front of you, with your arms stretched out and parallel. Also, you don’t need to completely lock your knuckles, but if in case you do it, never mind. Lift the dumbbells from the lowermost position to your shoulder height, keeping your arms straight and parallel to each other. Stay in the topmost position for a while and come back gradually. Pay all your attention to the pose and the kind of pressure this dumbbell lift will put on your shoulder muscles. It’s an extraordinary good exercise and easy to as well, so go ahead and do it.


Plate rise in front

If you are looking for some easier yet effective workout for your shoulder then go for the exercise steps that we are just going to brief. Don’t go on its style, as it may appear very simple but it’s quite effective as well. It’s actually similar to lift dumbbell from front, but here we are using plate instead of dumbbell. If we look at all the shoulder workouts for women that we have briefed here, this one is going to be real promising. So basically  what you have to do is that take a plate and hold it from both the hands and lift it upwards. Let it come to a point where it’s at same level as your shoulders. Now come down to the lowest level possible and then again lift up. Do this repeatedly several times and see the results for yourself.


Side raise

This exercise is one of the best exercises when we are talking about shoulder workouts for women. In fact this exercise is pretty simple to do but you have to take care of basic precautions. In any case while doing this exercise you shouldn’t over exert yourself or else injury may take place. Take weights as per your choice in both the hands and lift them sideways, till you reach the shoulder. Stay there a bit and come back to initial resting position. If you are feeling uncomfortable then reduce the weights a little and then do the sets once again.


Deltoid raise

You will need a flat bench to practice this workout, which is no doubt one of the best shoulder workouts for women. Sit on the edge of the flat practice bench and hold the dumbbells in your hands. Lower yourself completely so that your chest rests against your thighs. Move the dumbbells sideways, opening up a bit and revert back after sometime. Do this workout repeatedly to get the best results.

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