Tricep exercises for women

Tricep exercises for women

Best Triceps exercises for women


Women’s body needs more toning than man as she is slender and attractive. In any case, a woman won’t gather many muscles mass because men produce way more testosterone than a woman. The best Triceps exercises for women are the ones, which bring out her inner beauty. Triceps are basically muscles present at the back of your arms. They give shape and weight and make women look more attractive. Typically for the women with flabby triceps, these exercises are going to do wonder. A woman’s body looks more attractive if her triceps are in shape as nobody likes out of shape triceps. It basically adds definition to the upper part of your body. Triceps are used for pulling or pushing something and in fact if you just extend your arm, at that time also triceps play a vital role. So as you can see, triceps are quite vital. Take a look at some of the best Triceps exercises for women.

Tricep exercises for women

Triceps extension

Triceps extension is very fruitful yet simple exercise. This exercise is definitely going to add vigor to your body and exercise routine. The best part is that you can use resistance band or dumbbells to do this exercise. Here are the steps.


Hold a dumbbell with both your hands and take it behind your back. Now move this dumbbell up and down repeatedly to get the best effect. You can do many sets and many reps but as per the experts, you should do 2 sets. Each set should have 10 reps.


Lying triceps extension or skull crushers

This exercise is also similar to triceps extension but it’s more challenging and fun. This is one of the best Triceps exercises for women because in this particular exercise one has to work against gravity. You need to lie down and do it. Let’s take a look at the steps correctly.


Lie down on a bench with dumbbells in both your hands. Palms of your both hands should be facing each other and with dumbbells push it away from yourself against gravity. Move it up and down so that the extreme position of both peripheries is touched. Take care not to overexert yourself and do whatever you find suitable and within your comfort level. At each periphery, pause a bit. You need to choose the correct weight for this exercise.


Triceps Dips

Triceps dips are very good for your biceps, triceps, back, shoulders, hamstrings, and gluts. In fact, if you do this work out regularly then it can work wonders for you. This workout can be done anywhere like outdoors or at your home. This workout is bound to show great results and is marvelous Triceps exercises for women. Read the tips below to do this exercise correctly.


First of all, you need to stand in front of a bench and get the support of the bench by your hands, standing face away from the bench. Lower your body down a bit and come on your heels. Your legs should be stretched and your fists should face forward, away from your hips, in the direction of your legs. Your abs should be tight and your body weight should be on your heels. Now lower your body a bit, keeping your back straight and make sure your elbows are making an angle of 90 degrees. Once you reach the lowermost position, stay there a bit and come back to the initial starting position. Repeat it several times to get the best results.


Triceps push-ups

Your core, triceps, hamstrings, quads, shoulders, biceps, and back, all get benefitted by triceps pushups. This is an exercise, which actually needs no introduction and is practiced widely. Out of all the Triceps exercises for women, this one is really amazing as it works on so many body parts at the same time. This one really simple to do as well but don’t go over its simplicity. So here are the steps to do it.


Lie down on floor or mat and gently lift your body with your palms on the floor separated by a distance a little bit smaller than shoulder width. Make sure that your body is now on your palms and toes and the whole weight of your body is on your toes and palms. After moving to the upward position, stay there a bit and then come down gradually to the initial starting position. Now your chest should be touching the floor, as it was there in the starting. Keep your focus on your breath and inhale and exhale normally. Try inhaling as you come down and exhale as you go up. Try staying at the periphery a little bit so that you have the complete feel. Once you come to the starting position, start again. Do this exercise repeatedly for the best results. To attain maximum benefits from this workout, do 2 sets of 10 reps.

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