women peeing can be a challenge while you are hiking

women peeing

Women peeing is a topic that we all shy away. But this is so natural. What is there to feel embarrassed about? Think about it for once.
If you are someone who loves hiking and outdoor adventure, you are seeking to have a thrilled lifestyle. But when you are into outdoor activity, you have to make sure that you are drinking an adequate amount of water to keep yourself hydrated. The downside of drinking water is that you need to urinate a number of times. This is not a problem for men, but women peeing in the public is definitely a concern.

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Urinate before you begin your hiking journey

women peeing


Finding a place to urinate is definitely a big issue, especially when you are on a trail, outside the cities. Hence, it becomes essential to visit the bathroom before you start your hiking, even if you don’t feel like urinating. No matter how many hours of hiking you undertake, it is essential to pee before you start the journey. This is perhaps one of the rules that are followed by every female hiker around the world.

There is nothing to shy away from the topics of women peeing

women peeing


Most of us are not comfortable talking about peeing and the related stuff. All we want to talk and discuss hiking is the beautiful things and the thrill that we experience. But urinating is a very natural requirement for human beings. There is nothing to feel embarrassed about and even shy away from talking about women peeing.

You have to drink a lot of water during hot and humid weather condition

Women Peeing


Things become trickier when it is a hot and humid day and you sweat a lot. In order to keep yourself hydrated, you have to drink water frequently in order to reprimand the loss of liquid from your body. Although you might be sweating a lot, the urge to urinate won’t disappear, especially when you drink a lot of water in the hot and the sultry weather condition.

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Maintenance of hygiene is essential for your hiking


women peeing


If you are a female hiker, and reading this post, you can surely relate to the issue because you might have experienced the problem at least once in your lifetime. It is important that you carry toilet paper and hand sanitizer with you in your bag. The items are not heavy to carry as well. Maintenance of hygiene is very important and hence it becomes essential that you carry such hygiene items and make women peeing little less challenging. Enjoy your hiking and have the best time of your life with all the adventure around.

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